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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 All Specs image
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 All Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 All Specs image
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 All Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in US: $1059
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in UK: 1000
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in India: 88,979 rupees
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Philippines: 67,995 php
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Canada: 1,666

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 worth to buy? Yes.
If you have Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9? No. Not really, if and only if you badly need the new features brought about the Note 9 and here are those:

- Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 4000maH battery which is 500maH higher than the previous model.
- Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now bluetooth enabled and can be use for presentations, other Samsung digital appliances and devices. A lot of added features than the previous pen.
- There's a 512GB version of it that can also handles 512GB of external memory which gives you 1TB of device storage plus your cloud storages.
- The new Samsung Galaxy Note increase in display size from 6.3" of the previous model to 6.4" which can help you more in multi-windows, computer-like experience and better movie-watching.


Note 9's exterior design is almost 90% similar to Note 8, highly similar that using the Note 9's default wallpaper, your Note 8 may look like Note 9. However, it's not a bad thing because both of them are gorgeously designed and looks like a future smartphone in our current year. The pen not also improved in its features but also in its new colorful body.


If your using a smartphone with the latest Android P (Pie), you might feel outdated since Note 9 is still on Oreo inside the box, well sooner or later it will definitely receive an update for Pie. Samsung Users are well aware that Samsung are not the ones who likely to receive first an android version updates since they embedded Samsung TouchWiz on it. However updated or not, Features, I mean a lot of features of Note 9 still be great.


Samsung provides Samsung Knox as their added security as they provide additional safety on your files account passwords preventing other unwanted users to access or use them. Samsung flagships also are regularly receive updates on monthly security patch making them continiously protected.


Battery per se, this new can last upto 2-4 more hours depending on usage than on the Note 8, making this smartphone worth to buy because it was built with 4000maH. Since Samsung releases Galaxy Note models every year, you will feel outdated after a year of two of having this expensive smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 125GB is not overpriced, but the 512GB version is quite unacceptable since an additional $400 for a same specs with just higher memory is not a good for your money. Since Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an OTG-ready device, and external HDD/SSD can be an alternative way to have more memory.

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