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OPPO F9 (PRO) VS OPPO F7 All Specs and Price in US, India, Canada, UK and PHP



OPPO F9 Price in US: $337.87OPPO F9 Price in UK: 259.95

OPPO F9 Price in India: 24,000.60 rupees

OPPO F9 Price in Philippines: 17,999

OPPO F9 Price in Canada: 438.90

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OPPO F9 worth to buy? Yes.
If you have OPPO F7, is it worth to buy OPPO F9?Yes and Maybe NO. Since OPPO F9 has a great innovation related to charging its battery. A 45-minute charging feature is definitely a great reason to buy this smartphone. However, OPPO F7 is just months ago since its released so for people having it will hardly to accept that there's a better model with the same price appears.

- OPPO F9 has 3500maH battery which is 100maH higher than the previous model. Not a big upgrade here though maybe the next OPPO F11 will have 3,600maH
- VOOC means Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant Current Charging whiich is created by OPPO; a flash charging system that can charge your device from 0 to 75% within 30 mins of continuous charging which is proved to be fast yet very safe.
- There's a 6GB of RAM which means can handle more multi-tasking and high graphic-games than a 4GB RAM OPPO F7.
- The new OPPO F9 increase in display size from 6.23" of the previous model to 6.3" which can help you more in multi-windows, computer-like experience and better movie-watching.
- The notch, which for some are not fan of, decreases its size to as small as an app icon which, for some is considered an improvement in the display.


OPPO F9's exterior design is almost 90% similar to OPPO F7. However, since the notch is visibly decreases in size, you can tell the difference between them by just looking at front of it. Slightly increase in pixel density that you may not see the difference but a over 400ppi has a very decent display.


If you are using OPPO F7, you may feel that you are still using your old phone when you use OPPO F9 since they have the same OS Color 5.2 which is very similar to 5.0, and build both within OREO 8.1.


OPPO still provides security updates every month keeping you privacy and information secured.


Battery per se, this new can last 1 more hours depending on usage than on the OPPO F7, but the fast-charging feature makes this smartphone worth to use even in heavy users like me.


OPPO F9 have major jumps in terms of its usability and display from the previous OPPO F7 so buying an OPPO F9 surely worth the money though it is heart-brokenly to say that OPPO F7 was released on April while OPPO F9 was released on August the same year which is a 4-month gap and who knows maybe the OPPO F11 which be released on December or early January. So some OPPO F7 users are really upset about the, they think too early released of OPPO F9.


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Price may vary. 

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